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  Auditing is the critical examination performed by a Firm of professionals independent of the system audited, with the purpose of evaluating the controls, processes and economic activity of an organization or Firm.

Additionally to the emission of professional reports (according to current auditing standards), our auditing services increase company value by providing the necessary assistance to reduce control risks and suggesting the necessary improvements to increase efficiency and reach the maximum business development of our clients.

Auditing may be external, internal or operating. We also work on special reports and accounting certifications for specific purposes.

External auditing

External auditing is a critical, systematic and detailed analysis of an information system belonging to an economic unit performed by an outside Firm of professionals with the purpose of issuing an independent opinion about the reasonability of the accounting and financial information and its results.

An independent report or opinion is of great importance to third parties as it validates the information produced by the company and gives credibility to the information examined.

We can say with pride and satisfaction that our Firm is held in high regard because of its prestige and trustworthiness, as required in business today, in relation to the quality, reliability and transparency of the information audited by us.

Internal auditing

The internal audit is an idependent and objective activity of assurance, conceived to increase the value of an organization or company and improve its operations.

It provides the company with a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve internal established controls and measure the efficiency of risk management processes, key controls and management.

In the case of companies which, due to their size, do not have their own internal auditing department, we are able to collaborate with our clients by performing the internal auditing since, in addition to our technical expertise, we can execute the job with high objectivity, reliability and independence.

Operating auditing

It is the critical, systematic and objective examination of company management, in order to assess the full accomplishment of company policies, and determine the effectiveness of pre-established objectives reached and the efficiency and economy of the resources used and obtained, with the purpose of making the necessary suggestions to improve management decisions in the future and thus, maximize results obtained.

Operating auditing comprises the following activities:

  • Administrative: it is the revision and evaluation of the methods and administrative procedures intended to ensure the compliance of the policies and plans which may have significant impact to the company.
  • Management: it is the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategies designed to reach the objectives as regards human, economic, financial and technical resources used and coordinating management resources and controls.
  • Compliance: it is the methodic and detailed examination of support documentation in order to determine whether the procedures and controls are being effective in reaching company goals.

Accounting Reports or certificates for specific purposes

Special reports and accounting certifications are meant to comply with legal requirements or formal requirements of control entities and show the results of an independent revision of systems, registers and supporting documentation, with special attention to the appearance and formal structure of these, as well as the honesty of the assertions informed or certified in the statements.

Among others, the following are used to verify, authorize, assign or request:

  • Property and debt declarations.
  • Sales volumes and amounts.
  • Registrations of debts and payments made to third parties.
  • Increase of company's capital.
  • Income and expenses before tax jurisdictions.
  • Tax reimbursements, transferences or exemptions.
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